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The Most Recent Updates for Microsoft SQL Server

Here are the most recent service packs and cumulative updates for SQL Server. Happy downloading:


Microsoft SQL Server Builds

This unofficial build chart lists all of the known KB articles, hotfixes and other builds of MS SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2005, 2000 and 7.0 that have been released.

Viewing and Interacting with SSRS Reports on an iPad

Στο video που ακολουθεί θα δούμε πως μέσω iPad μπορώ να έχω δράση με τα SQL Server Reporting Services.


Windows Azure SQL Database and SQL Server -- Performance and Scalability Compared and Contrasted

While SQL Server and Windows Azure SQL Databases (SQL Database for short, formerly SQL Azure) have large and important similarities, they are not identical, and while the differences are relatively small, they affect the way that applications perform on SQL Database compared to SQL Server. As a result, the application architecture and performance evaluation techniques for each platform also differ.This document explains these performance differences and their causes and includes real-world customer wisdom from experience troubleshooting performance on production customer SQL Databases. This document also examines common SQL Server performance evaluation techniques that do not work on SQL Database.


SQL Support Content

Get quick access to SQL Server and SQL Azure troubleshooting content from Microsoft SQL Server Support team blogs and recently published KBs.


Change Data Capture (CDC) for Oracle Databases using SQL Server Integration Services 2012 (SQL Server Video)

In this video, I’ll demonstrate how to perform change data capture (CDC) for Oracle databases using the new features introduced in SQL Server 2012 Integration Services (SSIS). You’ll learn how CDC for Oracle works, how to create a CDC service and administer the service, as well as monitor the logs and traces to troubleshoot the service.

How to Buy SQL Server 2012

With SQL Server 2012, we will be aligning the licensing of our editions based on how you consume these solutions.

TechNet Wiki Pages

Μια απίστευτη συλλογή από wiki pages με πολλαπλά θέματα που αφορούν τον SQL Server

Description of the Replay Markup Language (RML) Utilities for SQL Server

The Microsoft SQL Server support team uses several internally written utilities to ease the work that is related to a typical customer support case. This article describes one utility suite that is called the Replay Markup Language (RML) Utilities for Microsoft SQL Server. Database developers and system administrators can use the RML Utilities for SQL Server to work with SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, and SQL Server 2008.

SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit

The SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit includes technical content designed to help you learn how to develop SQL Server 2012 database and BI solutions.

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