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Data Explorer May update is available now!

Σήμερα ανακοινώθηκε ένα νέο update για τον Data Explorer τον οποίο μπορείτε να το κάνετε download από εδώ

Με αυτό το update έχουμε τις εξής βελτιώσεις όπως τις περιγράφει το product group

Support for locale during imports and transformations

We’ve added support for importing and visualizing data according to your regional/locale settings. You will notice a new dropdown menu in the Data Explorer ribbon to control the locale setting for your workbook (by default, it maps to your Operating System locale, at the time when the workbook was created). This will be the default locale used to interpret numbers, dates and times when importing data from text sources.


In addition, you can specify a different locale whenever you want to perform any “Change Type” operation.


Finally, you can also specify the File Origin for any text file that you import in Data Explorer by going into the “Edit Settings” dialog for the Source step in your query (clicking on the gear icon next to Source).


You can find more details in our Internationalization Help page.

Connection encryption for database sources

This new feature provides the ability to turn on/off the encryption of data and credentials sent when connecting to database data sources (such as SQL Server, Windows Azure SQL database, IBM DB2, etc.). You will find this option in the Credentials dialog when connecting to a new data source.


New ribbon layout and icons

If you have already used Data Explorer, you’ll notice that we have moved some things around in the ribbon in order to make them more discoverable and better organized. We’ve also been busy replacing most of our icons to give Data Explorer a nicer look.


Automatic column type detection

We’ve improved our column type detection logic, in order to give you better column types (other than Text) when importing data from text data sources such as Web, Text or CSV.

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